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About Teco Pottery

Teco Pottery InformationIn 1881, William Gates founded the Terra Cotta Tile Works. Gates initially produced terra-cotta bricks, drain tiles and pottery. The Teco pottery line was introduced in 1902. Teco exemplifies pottery of the "Praire School" arts and crafts movement of which Frank Lloyd Wright made so popular.

The Teco pottery line included over 500 designs by 1911. The exact ending date of Teco pottery is unknown. Ads and articles about Teco pottery have been found dating up to about 1923.

Teco Pottery is most famous for simple, matte green glazes which dominates over 90 percent of its pottery. Some of Teco's matte green glazes exhibit a charcoaling effect in the form of a metallic, black overglaze. Other successful Teco colors include brown, yellow, blue, pink and maroon.

While Teco's matte glazes are of consistent, high quality the true attraction of Teco pottery rests with the uniqueness and creativity of the various forms. Teco pottery forms are typically defined either as geometric, organic or architectural. The geometric forms with angular handles and buttresses are generally the most sought-after.

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Photos courtesy David Ragos Auctions
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