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About Newcomb Pottery

Newcomb Pottery InformationIn 1895 Newcomb Pottery was established under the direction of Ellsworth Woodward. The pottery was operated in conjunction with advanced art courses offered by Newcomb College. Woodward brought in recognized artists Mary G. Sheerer as co-director and Joseph Meyer as potter.

Until 1925 most Newcomb Pottery was thrown by Joseph Meyer based on designs prepared by Miss Sheerer. Completed pots were decorated by the women in the Newcomb's art department. Newcomb Pottery always operated as studio pottery and never operated as a large-scale production pottery.

Paul Cox was brought to Newcomb Pottery in 1910 to improve the quality of the clay and glazes. Cox developed the soft, waxy semi-matte glazes that Newcomb Pottery became famous for during its transitional period of production. Cox was with Newcomb Pottery until 1918.

From the 1920s until the late 30s Newcomb Pottery continued to produce quality art pottery. Works from this period typically were carved florals, oak trees, and Spanish moss decorations in relief on medium blue grounds. Newcomb Pottery closed in 1940.

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