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About Grueby Pottery

Grueby Pottery InformationGrueby Pottery was founded by William Grueby in 1897. Grueby was producing pottery as early as 1894. Grueby produced art pottery until about 1909 at which time the company focused on art tiles. During this relatively short period of production, Grueby Pottery arguably had more of an impact on American arts and crafts pottery than any other producer.

Grueby's predominant style was conventional, naturally shaped forms onto which hand sculpted and stylized designs were either carved or placed above the surface of the pot. The majority of Grueby Pottery was glazed in its famous matte green. However, Grueby used many other colors as well including yellow, blue, brown, gray and mauve.

Examples of Grueby Pottery can be found in many art pottery museum collections. In its early years of production, Grueby Pottery won numerous honors and awards. Most notably, were two gold medals and one silver medal at the Paris Exposition in 1900.

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Photos courtesy David Ragos Auctions
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