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Roseville Pottery Marks

Roseville Pottery Informationphoto 1 Wafer mark associated with Rozane patterns

Roseville Pottery Informationphoto 2 Blue ink stamp Rv mark

Roseville Pottery Informationphoto 3 Foil label

Roseville Pottery Information

Roseville Pottery Informationphotos 4 and 5 Raised “Roseville USA” die-impressed trademarks

The Roseville Pottery Company used many different marks during its existence. The earliest marks used by Roseville pottery were the die-impressed Rozane marks and the wafer marks (photo 1) associated with the various Rozane patterns. In 1923, Roseville pottery started using the blue ink stamp Rv mark that is often seen on patterns such as Roseville Carnelian I, Rosecraft Panel, Vintage, etc. (photo 2).

Roseville patterns produced between 1927 and 1935 were marked with only paper or foil labels and sometimes with the corresponding shape number and size. Roseville patterns with paper or foil labels include such notable lines as Baneda, Blackberry, Cherry Blossom, Falline, Futura, Jonquil, Monticello, and Sunflower (photo 3).

In 1936, Roseville started using the die-impressed trademark Roseville and the corresponding shape number and size in script. Beginning in 1940, Roseville started marking pieces with the more commonly seen, raised Roseville USA along with the corresponding shape number and size (photos 4 and 5).

Roseville patterns such as Pinecone that was produced over a long period of time often confuse new Roseville collectors, due to the variety of marks used during the pattern's years of production. For example, is possible to find Roseville Pinecone either unmarked; marked with the die-impressed trademark Roseville with the shape number and size; or marked with the raised Roseville USA along with the shape number and size.

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