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About Rookwood Pottery

Rookwood VaseRookwood Pottery was founded in 1880 by Marie Longworth Nichols. Rookwood pottery's initial work demonstrated an Oriental and European influence. Throughout Rookwood's years they mastered such diverse styles as Victorian, art nouveau, arts and crafts, and art deco.

From the very beginning, Rookwood pottery's production and quality standards exceeded virtually every other American art pottery manufacturer. As a result, Rookwood pottery achieved a greatness that was second to none. Rookwood was one of the few potteries to mark items as seconds for even the most minute factory inconsistencies.

In the early 1900's Rookwood pottery quickly moved into the arts and crafts and art nouveau styles. During this time, Rookwood introduced many of the more desirable and important glazes such as Iris, Vellum, Sea Green, Ariel Blue and painted mattes.

Around 1905, Rookwood pottery introduced its production line of pottery. Rookwood's production pottery was simply glazed and not artist decorated or signed. As with most of the American art pottery companies, Rookwood's best production pieces are its earlier examples.

Rookwood pottery employed over 120 artist and decorators during its years of operation. Rookwood ended production in 1960.

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