Ephraim Faience Pottery

Ephraim Faience Pottery was founded by Kevin Hicks and Scott Draves in 1996. Ephraim Pottery focuses on creating arts and crafts style pottery vases and tiles. Prior to starting Ephraim Pottery, both Kevin and Scott worked as potters for a commercial production pottery. In 2001, Scott left Ephraim in order to start Door Pottery while Kevin Hicks continued at Ephraim Pottery.


Since its small studio beginnings, Ephraim Pottery has enjoyed significant growth and collector interest in the arts and crafts style pottery the company produces. Today, Ephraim Pottery is one of the largest, contemporary arts and crafts style pottery companies in operation.

All Ephraim Faience Pottery is hand-made and each form is limited in production. Ephraim typically retires designs before 500 examples have been made. All Ephraim Faience Pottery is marked with the company’s impressed mark, which is changed each year. In addition, most pieces of Ephraim are stamped with the signature of the artist.

As with other quality contemporary art pottery, when retired or early examples of Ephraim Pottery are offered for sale in the secondary market, prices often greatly exceed the original purchase price. As a result, collectible arts and crafts style pottery such as Ephraim Pottery has turned out to not only be an attractive decorative addition to many mission and bungalow style homes or art pottery collections, but an appreciating investment as well.


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