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Ozark Pottery Three Men Portrait Vase By Charles Stehm

Ozark Pottery Three Men Portrait Vase By Charles Stehm
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Rare and exceptional Ozark Pottery scenic vase with three distinct hand carved portraits of three men. One with a bandage on his face and derby hat; the second with a bandages on his face and noticable bump on the back of his head; and the third a long nosed, long necked man with a tie.   NEAR MINT CONDITION.   Pinpoint fleck to rim.  No chips, cracks, damage or repair of any kind.  Bottom marked with OZARK, EUREKA SPRINGS, ARK, STEHM and 5-15-27.  Vase is 4 1/2" tall and 3 3/4" wide.  
Charles Stehm who founded Ozark Pottery made high quality arts and crafts and mission swirl art pottery between 1925 and 1927 in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  Ozark Pottery was a direct and significant competitor to Niloak in the mission swirl art pottery market.  
In part to reduce the impact Stehm and Ozark Pottery was having on Niloak's  business, Charles Hyten from Niloak obtained the rights to the mission swirl technique by securing Niloak as a trademark and obtaining a patent on the process of swirl art pottery production.  This essentially put Charles Stehm's Ozark Pottery out of business.  It is widely believed that Niloak aggressively went after Stehm and threatened to sue him if he continued to make swirl art pottery.  Ozark Pottery ceased production by the end of 1927 just before Niloak received its patent on the swirl process.   
The significant difference between Ozark and Niloak is that the clay swirls on Ozark rotate counter clockwise while Niloak swirls rotate clockwise.  In other respects the art pottery of is similar in technical and aesthetic characteristics.  
The production of Ozark Pottery was extremely limited and is considered very rare and highly sought-after by collectors.  In Gifford's Niloak book he states, most of the dozen or so known pieces of Ozark Pottery are dated 1926 or 1927.
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Dan Dow - 2017-12-17

I thought the piece of Roseville was a bit smaller than I expected for the price. I guess I didn’t read the description as well as I should have. The piece is of good detail. Let the buyer beware right. Shame on me. Finding the Ebay sticker on it was a bit discerning to me, I guess I should use Ebay more often. I certainly would use Just Art Pottery again, just take my time with the discriptions. The candy was a nice touch, I needed that. Merry Christmas. Dan
Joe - 2017-12-16

Rosa Gonzalez - 2017-12-15

Absolutely great

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